Slither vs Blocks Hack

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To play slither vs blocks , drag your finger to move the cursor left or right on the screen.
note the snake: there are bullets to increase the time. kill as many bricks as you can to get a high score on brick slabs .

note to hit the ball, slipping snake will die if its power is less than the block. to make the game interesting, start eating to prevent death.
look how long you will live on the slide in front of the blocks.

an amazing game to challenge friends and family to beat your score, love high scores, and always try to fight with you by moving around the blocks.

get the best mark in the world by moving to the block.
get as many wins as you can and show your talent and progress in the world by playing an exciting snake game. how to play
– tap the screen and drag left or right to move the handset.
– there are bullets in the path to increase the length of the hose.
– blocks that you destroy will increase the score by one.
– avoid high-strength blocks, then the length of the cochlea dies by moving blocks.

game features:
– free game.
– play forever.
– manage your game
– challenge your friends. />
sharing snakes and playing against the block

Slither vs Blocks

Category: Arcade

Rating: 4.3

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