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Welcome to the site! create a beautiful and colorful city where your citizens will grow. getting more and more difficult in the city, all the more so because you need your citizens and you decide to be happy. this is a completely new simulation game – mobile speculation!

this app contains apps to purchase. you can disable app purchase using device settings. blockquote to create a
family with countless buildings and 3d graphics, the most realistic constructor on the mobile phone. a strategic strategy for city taxation and development should be implemented. increase and rotate 360 ​​degrees while managing and expanding your city on the go – online and offline.

give your life to the city
create resources and create panoramas. then share resources with friends and other cities. ship and airport ship orders. build the area to tokio and unlock the exclusive monuments as a statue of freedom and success. try the beach with marina, water park and many other attractions. natural disasters, unnatural, such as ufo!
take care of people’s health
to solve problems like traffic, fire and pollution. provide services such as power plants and police services to meet the needs of your population and increase population through parks and education. stay on the road, go the roads and the streets. fulfill all your business activities.

competition to protect prices
join other players around the world in town hall tournaments! look at the league and climb to the top. make new tasks every week and get to the top of the mega-league. p —
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visit https: //help.ea/ help or requests.

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SimCity BuildIt

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