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Code word – application to play a popular slovak game known as code words for game analysis (also known as crusaders or tsiptogrammy words). in this english game is used in english.
for these unknown puzzle words, the words make up the grid as usual crossword, but without the help of the original application, and the letters and numbers in each square indicate the size (not yet known). all fields with the same number must use the same number. using this information and some initial letters, you can specify words in the fields. therefore, decoding (or subtraction) numbers in letters display hidden words. generally 26 letters of the alphabet are used in the keyword dictionary, but not always (and written unused letters on the keyboard). it’s fun, it stimulates the real brain. blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote the invention relates to the discovery process, created on the fly with an improved application engine and a summary word list.
2) players determine the number of columns and columns (3 to 20). this allows you to match the game to all mobile phones and tablets. 3) it is difficult to determine the level that refers to the group of words that the generator will use. the bigger the pool, the more complicated. there is an introductory system with a limited number of words for children and students in english. you can also specify the number of first letters. higher results can be obtained in more complex code words. p 4) select on square in the grid to select all locations where the same letter (that is, the same number of decoding) is selected. this is very useful and of course not possible with the dictionary code in the log.
5) if the game is very complicated, the application contains two useful tools that will help you (see below).
6) in the case of words in the grid to all locations are assigned, the letters prevent an unlimited word with the word keyword in the list of authorized words used to generate the source code. this helps if you make a mistake in your current activities (saving you a lot of time and frustration!).
7) the on-screen keyboard means that the game is easier and more comfortable.
8) you will see the meaning of the word completed. this is useful if you do not know or do not learn a foreign language (you need an internet connection).
9) choose a list of language words from a large number of dictionaries to download. 26 languages ​​are currently available (see below).
10) you can play in portrait or landscape mode. just open the device and configure it automatically.
11) the game contains achievements integrated with google play services.

other similar applications require you to pay more code, but this game delivers borderless puzzles, for free! each game has difficulty levels from 0 (easy) to 9 (very complex). the level of complexity depends on the parameters. each level of complexity maintains a high score (measured by the fastest payment time). the game contains the top 20 results for each level of difficulty.
compare notes with other people in the world using “google game”.

if the player has problems, the application offers two useful advantages. (1) the game may provide another decoded list. (2) the game may display potential answers in an incomplete word. the game uses decoded characters and displays the corresponding words. danish, turkish, ukrainian etc.


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