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This is an easy fight that pushes the player!
you can collect various materials while hunting and creating different tools. three sisters: the happiest woman in elenov village. they are very close together, but the oldest sister of the rena has a great secret of power, which she does not speak!
great power “ ren” burns in the place of residence, with eternal fire.
“ rena” has left the kingdom, a fascinating mystery.
dangerous and interesting adventure “blue” and “elsa”!
beat the curse of eternal fire and live happily ever. find your irreplaceable brother, “rena”.

+ warrior woman, magician “blue” and “elsa”, characters!
+ 11 elements of different weapons and armor
and possible choices, three levels of upgrades and unlocking additional features
+ more items! & lt; rings, elixir and magical roll …>
+ unknown dungeon! & lt; the ability to enter 9 types of dungeons using mysterious stones +/-
+ various quests will help you reach level 99 !!!!
+ beautiful and powerful system of change (3 levels), different for each hero
+ monsters for different models (60 species) and scary bosses (10 species)!
+ support for google play notes

Castle of Burn

Category: Adventure

Rating: 4.4

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