Bored Button Hack

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Click the offensive button and start the journey in a series of games that have been specifically selected. each game will be able to play the best features. if you succeed, you can play as freely as you like, and keep them in your options. in this case, just click on the wrong button and it will give you another game, to attack you.

the piercing button contains a series of games specially selected for games with additional luxury that you can change at any time. but do not be fooled that you can not download games by uploading them from our new fast server. and still they are available for play.

some of the most popular and selected games are available in offline games.
the annoying button is 15 mb in size and supports many games created within a week of beginners. and you can only play it by pressing the irritated button again.

no need to update new games.

we are open to any suggestions and criticism. we encourage you to contact us, no matter what you think.

[email protected]

Bored Button

Category: Puzzle

Rating: 4.6

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