Лучшие Загадки Ребусы Шарады Hack

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This game is a collection of best puzzles, rebates and charades. here are all the tools to help the mind. by accepting our questions, you will need reflection, humor and creative thinking. on the way, they will be the same puzzles for adults and puzzles for children. each puzzle issue gives you a lot of fun and fun.
everything in the puzzle game 400, 190 and 180 boiled soldiers. the future of databases will be supplemented by new problems.
puzzles are a description of something or a phenomenon in poetic form. shake your brain and guess all. the puzzles are puzzles with images, letters and all sorts of special tricks. use imagination, cutting will help you find the right answer.
★ charades are words that need to be added to the syllables. every syllable is a bit of a puzzle. thus, some mini-enigma, combined in poetic form, form charada.
it seems that everything is simple, but the first impression is misleading. maybe someone can solve all the problems. maybe you?

Лучшие Загадки Ребусы Шарады

Category: Trivia

Rating: 4.5

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